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Jumping out of a Blanik

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

No flying this weekend for me. I considered driving to Hallingdal for last weekend of flying, but the weather forecast did not look too promising so I stayed home instead. This week we will start preparing for our hang glider course, and we will have introduction days (evenings) Tuesday and Thursday, and possibly next weekend.

Video of the day: A passenger that did not enjoy the sailplane flight, or a sailplane student that could not take the Blanik handling any more?

Creative sailplane landing

Monday, August 18th, 2008

A sailplane landed on a lake near Notodden on Sunday after hitting a huge sink area after taking a turn point, while trying to get back to the airstrip (goal?). Apparently some help was needed to get the glider out of the water. Well, we are starting a hang glider course in two weeks! Hang gliders are more easy to carry out from landings like this 😉

Bad day at the office.

Interview at Notodden

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Last week a journalist showed up at Notodden airport, and for one reason or another he wanted to interview me about flying and sailplanes. I guess they have to come up with something to put in their newspapers during the summer. The result can be viewed and read (in Norwegian) below.

Vacation, and bad weather.

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Friday I started a 4 week vacation. The last week at work provided excellent weather with more than 25 degrees C and perfect flying. New free distance records were set for paraglider, flex wing, and rigid wing hang gliders, and lots of personal bests. While I was working. Now it is 13 degrees C and raining for the second day in a row. Yesterday, Asker close to here had the most rain in one day since 1938!

Saturday I drove to Notodden and got one sailplane flight with an instructor, but it was way too turbulent to get any good training out of the conditions. Hopefully the weather will improve and I plan to fly sailplane on Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday. Sandefjord Seilflyklubb is having an intensive sailplane course this week and I am hanging around to get some progress on my own glider flying. After that I hope to fly hang glider most of the rest of the vacation.

Fatal sailplane accident at Starmoen, Norway

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Again more bad news about a fellow pilot. This time a fatal sailplane accident at the national sailplane centre at Starmoen. The accident happened during a winch launch, and the glider went down from about 20 metres according to the reports from the newspapers, but what caused the accident is still not clear.

Windy day at Notodden

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

As I woke up this morning my knee felt pretty good (probably due to massive doses of steriods and Voltaren), and I decided to drive the 1 1/2 hour to Notodden to see if I could get a flight. The forecast predicted a lot of wind, and the two seaters in the club were quite booked with passenger flights, but as hang gliding was out of the question because of knee + wind and due to bad weather on Sunday, I thought I should try to get a flight as this seemed like the only possibility this weekend.

As expected it was not conditions for me to fly solo and the two seaters were quite bussy, but in the end I got a flight with my “old” hang glider buddy, now pure sailplane pilot, Kenneth Karlsen. We got a nice 1 hour 23 minutes flight in slow conditions taking the wind (where were the waves?) and clouds in consideration.

Cloud base at about 2200 masl. Vikersund and Tyrifjorden up along the wing seen from Notodden.

Bad knee, flying plans, and Moyes Malibu

Friday, June 20th, 2008

As usual not much going on lately. Bad weather and some work. Still, the main problem right now is that I have got an inflamation in my knee for the fourth time in six months. I have been to the doctor and gotten an appointment for a MR examination, followed up by a visit to reumatologist to see if the problem can be identified. In the mean time I am worried about my flying this summer. A bad knee is not something you would have launching a hang glider.

Weekend flying plans. Lots of wind and possibly rain on Sunday = sailplane, at least on Saturday. This goes better with my knee as well. Still, the knee has to improve a little before the morning to be able both to drive and fly.

Moyes launches a floater glider!
Moyes introduces the Malibu. Read more about the glider at Moyes’ website. The glider looks good and I would love to test fly one. I am probably going to buy me a floater glider soon and with the introduction of the Malibu, I have added this to my shortlist of potential gliders to buy, the other two being Wills Wing Falcon 3 and Airborne Fun.

Photo and copyright by Moyes.

Glider vs wingsuit

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Some people seem to have more fun than others.

Source: The video was first posted on the OzReport.

Sailplane solo!

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Today I had my first solo flight in a sailplane. An exciting but good experience. I first had two flights with the instructor. The first flight was not that good and I was not able to co-ordinate rudder and stick very well (should have been a basic skill by now), but the second flight was much better, and as we landed the instructor told me that I should do the solo flight right away. I knew that I was soon ready to go solo, but it was nevertheless an exciting moment to be in the glider alone for the first time as the hood closed and the tow line was attached. Then all that remained was to give thumb up for ready and then it was “just” to fly. The flight was quite OK I guess, except the landing. I pulled the stick a little hard as I was about to flatten out (or whatever the correct phrase is in English – sorry I do not have the sailplane vocabulary straitened out in English yet) resulting in some up and down but the landing itself was pretty soft. I can not wait to get a few more solo flights and to learn more about flying sailplanes. To finish of the day; celebration with a nice old and good whisky (Bruichladdich 12 Y) this evening!

Finally, to all my hang glider friends, don’t worry, I will not stop flying hang glider.

Sailplane course this summer or hang glider course this fall?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

My sailplane club, Sandefjord Seilflyklubb, is arranging an intensive sailplane course this summer. The course will be between July 5. -13. at Notodden. The price is NOK 12.000,- and includes 25 tows to 500 metres, course materials, as well as free access to planes and accommodation at our facilities at Notodden during 2008. Medical check and membership fees are not included (a total cost of maximum NOK 2.000,-). Contact person is Einar Rønnestad, mobil phone 90648255.

Why fly sailplanes? Have a look!

If you instead prefer hang gliding and wants to attend a hang glider course Oslo og Omegn Hanggliderklubb (the Oslo Area Hang Glider Club) will have a course starting the first weekend in September. We will have a few test days this summer before the course starts but the dates are not yet determined. If you want more information about the course and the test days contact me at e-mail bjorn (you know what) and I will put you on our mailing list for this years course.

Why fly hang glider? Look at this video and get an idea!