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Bad knee, flying plans, and Moyes Malibu

Friday, June 20th, 2008

As usual not much going on lately. Bad weather and some work. Still, the main problem right now is that I have got an inflamation in my knee for the fourth time in six months. I have been to the doctor and gotten an appointment for a MR examination, followed up by a visit to reumatologist to see if the problem can be identified. In the mean time I am worried about my flying this summer. A bad knee is not something you would have launching a hang glider.

Weekend flying plans. Lots of wind and possibly rain on Sunday = sailplane, at least on Saturday. This goes better with my knee as well. Still, the knee has to improve a little before the morning to be able both to drive and fly.

Moyes launches a floater glider!
Moyes introduces the Malibu. Read more about the glider at Moyes’ website. The glider looks good and I would love to test fly one. I am probably going to buy me a floater glider soon and with the introduction of the Malibu, I have added this to my shortlist of potential gliders to buy, the other two being Wills Wing Falcon 3 and Airborne Fun.

Photo and copyright by Moyes.

New Aeros Target 16

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Aeros has announced a new developement of the Target school glider/floater. The biggest update seems to be that the frame now is from 7075 aluminum. In addition, Aeros has added bigger under surface sail and new colour design. Also it will be provided with a streamlined a-frame including profiled Finsterwalder uprights. As far as I can remember, this latter was also an option before. The Target our hang glider club bought in 2001 was delivered with streamlined uprights.

Information from Aeros HERE.

sundvollen_26012003_target1.JPG    sundvollen_26012003_target2.JPG

Target 16 just after launch at Sundvollen January 26th 2003, Norway. Pilot: Bjørn Hammer. Photo: Line Hagen.

Wills Wing carbon speed bar

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Wills Wing has finally released their “second generation” carbon speed bar. It will fit all Slipstream and Slipsteam 2 control bars. This speed bar looks like a million dollars, and almost cost as much. As an upgrade with a T2 it will cost $ 420, and alone it will cost $ 780.

I like the standard profiled aluminum speed bar quite good, but it is not impossible that I have one of the new carbon fantastic speed bars the upcoming summer. Actually my T2 UVM is just begging for one.

More pictures:

20071122_carbongrip_450_249.jpg 20071122_carbonxsec_450_292.jpg

Link to the product page at Wills Wing HERE. All pictures above are by Wills Wing.

Jeff O’Brian has a short post on the carbon speedbar August 20th – link HERE.

WW Falcon 3

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

As WW has still to join the civilized metric system I needed to borrow some inch tools from Alf, the Norwegain WW dealer, to fit the WW wheels to the speedbar on my T2. So I drove over to him today to borrow the tools and at the same time Alf was unwrapping the first WW Falcon 3 here in Norway. I was curious to see the new F3 so I stayed to help him with the assembly and rigging to see of the glider was OK. It was interesting to see the new F3. It had lots of  small improvements, but the major difference was the sail. The F3 has a much tighter sail than the F2, and looser under rig/wires. Hope to test fly one of these soon.

Wills Wing Falcon 3

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Wills Wing has now added Falcon 3 to their list of gliders, and publised information about it. The main features are as follows:

  • Can be short-packed to under 7 feet (2.1 m) for transport.
  • Quick – attach nose cone enhances performance.
  • Optional Litestream performance control bar can be bolted on with no change to flying wires.
  • Transverse batten extends washout support provided at wingtips, allowing for reduced number of reflex bridle lines and lower cable drag.
  • All main frame tubes are 7075 – T6 drawn seamless tubing for maximum strength to weight ratio.
  • Expanded double surface and improved sail cut yield enhanced aerodynamics.

Read more about the Falcon 3 HERE.

I just can help hating WW for developing this glider – because it will probably cost me about USD 3375.

New Wills Wing Falcon 3

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

Wills Wing is about to release a new version of the Falcon. The new version includes a new sail cut, upgraded hardware, and a nose cone. In addition, and the biggest news, is that this version will be able to break down to 6-7 feet (just as the Target from Aeros).
Read the news from WW here.

I think I just have to buy one before next summer!

New Skyline ZeroDrag harness

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Skyline has released a new comp harness. The name is still ZeroDrag, but with the model name FR. The harness has lots of new features and is probable more a new harness model than a development of the ZeroDrag Racer. According to Øyvind Ellefsen the new FR is “the most advanced and best made harness on the market”. Norwegian dealer is – ehhmm Øyvind Ellefsen.

zerodragFR.jpgPhoto: Skyline.
Still, if the FR is just a little better than the old Racer I tend to agree with Øyvind. The Skyline harness’ I have seen seems very well made.
Anyone who knows what FR means?

Updated Garmin gps’

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Garmin in the US has launched a number of updated models. The models GPSMAP 60C, 60CS, 76C and 76CS as well as the eTrex Vista and Legend have been given an additional x in the model name (links are to the updated models). The update is basically the addition of a microSD card slot to expand the memory of the GPS’. Why they have not done this before is somewhat of a mystory to me, but better late than never.

I have just bought a new 60C, but as the price of the x models are about $ 100 higher than the original model I would most likely have gone for the original model anyway. I do not need that much memory for maps. After all, when flying all you need is to look down.

Aeros opens a service centre in Europe.

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

It seems like Aeros is trying to further increase their market share in Europe through better service. They are already a “best buy” in therms of prices here in Norway, and with the World Championship they also proved to have top competition glider.
Here is the message from Aeros about the new centre.

Dear Friends,
We are happy to inform you that on Saturday, February 11th, 2006 the company Aeros Europe based in Eisenach, Germany, will be officially opened. Aeros Europe has been established with the view to have a big stock of parts and a service facility for Aeros products in the center of Europe. We hope this will enable immediate shipment of spare parts from stock whenever necessary, ensuring the quickest and most effective service.

With best regards,
Aeros Team
Natalie Lyssova

Final results Bogong Cup, New Skyline ZeroDrag harness

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Bogong Cup Final results.

Jon Gjerde (NOR) did very well in this comp and made number 13 overall. Impressive flying!

Selected results:
1. Attila Bertok, 6433
2. Gerolf Heinrichs, 6010
3. Oliver Barthelmes, 5844.

11. Andreas Olsson, 5080
13. Jon Gjerde, 4850

The Wills Wing T2 seems to have improved during the comp, but it still is behind the Litespeed S’.
New Skyline ZeroDrag Racer harness.
Øyvind Ellefsen, Norwegian Skyline hg dealer, reports that Skyline has further developed the ZeroDrag Racer harness. This harness was the state of the art comp harness when it was first released, but over the last years the competitors have matched and even passed the ZeroDrag harness in design and features (in my opinion). The improvements of the new model include drag redusing features, improved comfort, and quality.

In addition to the new racin harness, Skyline is also developing a simpler and cheaper recreational/acro harness.