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Updates from July 2009

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

My blog went down just as the main flying season started, but nothing much has happened here in terms of flying. Actually I have only flown 3 flights in July, this must be an all time low for me. Still, I have one more week of vacation so I hope to get a few more flights next week.

Last week I flew for the first time from Flå, a new site Steinar Sverd Johnsen has explored and developed. This site seems very promising. Hopefully I will get a few more flights here this summer.

Erik V. launching from Flå from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

Flying from Hydnefossen July 18th. This is one of my favorite sites to fly with spectacular nature (have a look at the pictures – link below).

Terje S. landing at Hydnefossen from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

Pictures from July HERE.

Sundvollen, March 21st

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

It has been a horrible winter for flying here in the vicinity of Oslo, and it has never been this late in the year for me without a flight. Further, I managed to get problems with my lower back last Saturday, a week ago, and is currently not able to fly. So it was no surprise that this weekend was flyable at Sundvollen, the main site close to Oslo.

Øyvind and I went out Saturday so that Espen O., one of our scooter tow students, could get his first foot launched flights. I overslept, and by the time I got to Sundvollen Espen had already got his first flight. As I was not able to fly I acted as driver so that Øyvind got a couple of flights as well on one of the clubs WW Falcon 2 glider. In total Espen got 3 flights – he seemed pleased.

In addition to instruct and drive I used the day to take some photos and getting more familiar with the Pentax K200D. I mostly used a 100-300 mm Pentax lence, but also a 18-55 mm lence.

National team member Øyvind Ellefsen launching a WW Falcon 2 170 in 0-wind. Low nose, aggressive run, and good launch speed – the way to do it.

More pictures from the day HERE.

New compact camera for Christmas

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

My old compact camera (a Casio Exilim EX-Z3) has served me well 5 years or so, and it has never failed even though it has been through some pretty harsh handling. Still, the development has enormous these years and I have missed having a better compact digital camera. After looking through most of the available models and judging back and forth in terms of type of camera (compact, compact pro, small, and so on), brand, zoom, video, + +, I finally went for a compromise model. As we have a large Pentax K200D camera i opted for a smaller model and not a pro compact model like Canon G-10. In addition, I wanted a both wide angel and good zoom, and a camera that can be operated with flying gloves and while flying.

Fortunatly my girlfriend “surprised” me with a new camera for Christmas; luckilly just the model I wanted – a Panasonic DMC-TZ5 with Leica lens, 10x optical zoom, 28 mm wide angel, and HD video. I have only had a few test photos so far but so far I am very pleased. I have posted 3 pictures below shot from the same place. They are reduced to 33 % of original size to 1140×855 pix.

28 mm “wide” angel.

About 5x zoom.

10x zoom.

Pictures from Stefan Hobbesland

Monday, September 5th, 2005

Stefan Hobbesland sends this link to his pictures from the summer LINK.
The pictures are from Lanzarote, Vågå, and from Eiken (and possibly a couple of other places).
Pictues and © by Stefan Hobbesland – if you chose to use one or more of these pictures I guess he would be gratefull if you asked – s-hobbes(at)

Pictures from the 2005 season

Friday, August 19th, 2005

Olav Lien Olsen has sent me a link to his picture albums from 2005. Click HERE and take view. The photos are from Norway, the comps in Florida this spring, and from the pre-European in Croatia. In addition, one album contains pictures of the Helite Topless 5. These pictures of the Topless 5 are the only ones I know of. I have publised these pictures here before, and copies of them have turned up a number of places.
Pictues and (C) by Olav Lien Olsen – if you chose to use one or more of these pictures I guess he would be gratefull if you asked.

K0ngsvinger, day 2

Monday, August 15th, 2005

Another day of towing at Kongsvinger. Today it was Finn Spjeldnæs who was tug pilot. It was the same conditions as yesterday; calm and no lift. Still, it was nice flying, and I got two tows to 500 metres. Steinar got one more tow than the rest of us – as usual. Today Johnny Reichle also turned up to try towing, and he got his first tow. Both he and Petter tow like they have never done anything else. Øyvind Ellefsen did one tow with the clubs WW Falon 2 170 to see how it performed behind the tug, and to evaluate wheather it is safe to start an aero towing course with our course gliders and the tug. According to Øyvind the Falcon was easy to fly and should be perfect for students to use for tows.
HERE are a few pictures from the last to days.

Petter Peikli on his first tow.

Video from Vågå Open

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

Anders Lindstad from Peiling and Fridtjov Konglevoll were filming at Vågå Open , and now a short preview of the materials is ready. Click HERE to view the 3 minutes video.

The comp was filmed as part of a project initiated by the Norwegian hang- and paraglider organistion to promote hang gliding in Norway. The materials from Vågå Open, as well as additional materials, will be editied into three different films; one 15 seconds “teaser” for Internett/web, one 5 minutes info film for TV or cinema, and one +15 minutes film for DVD meant for information meetings before hang gliding courses.

More pictures from Vågå Open

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Photos from Lene Markeng HERE. Some pg photos but mostly hg photos from the comp.

Easter pictures

Monday, March 28th, 2005

Pictures from flying during the Easter: HERE.

More pictures from Nordic Hang Glidng Open

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

Pictures from Nordic Hang Gliding Open 2004 HERE. On Hedemarken HGK’s web.