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Instructor duty this weekend

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Øyvind Ellefsen, Terje Birdman Brønstad and I had instructor duty this weekend. Saturday the wind was too strong and we had to give up after a few hours. The students got some training in handling the hang gliders in relative strong wing, useful but not what we were hoping for at this stage in the course. Sunday conditions were almost perfect except that we had to take a two hour brake between 1400-1600 due to rain. Besides from this we had an efficient and good day scooter towing our student. All of our students showed good progress today and we do not need many more days like this to complete the course.


Hang glider course

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

The bad flying year is continuing for me and it has been no flying since Flå. Still, autumn means hang glider course and this year is no exception, so at least I am involved in some hang glider related activity.

This year Øyvind Ellefsen has been the main initiator and instructor for the course. He, and Steinar J., have made a great effort thus far, and it seems like we will have 6 or 7 students at this years course. Today Øyvind, Terje B. and I was instructors, and we were at a field just north of Lillestrøm. As bad weather has slowed down the course progress, we opted for a long day today to catch up, and we ended up with a course day from 1000 to 1945. But unfortunately we were troubled by relatively strong winds during the day so we did not get a very efficient day, but I think we managed to get the best out of the day. The price to pay for training in the strong wind as a lot of uprights, and by the end of the day we ran out of spare uprights. Hopefully we will have everyone on Falcons next course day, and after 4-6 more effective days we should have most of the students through the course.


May flying at Lillestrøm (photo by Line Hagen).

Pictures from the day HERE (photos by Line Hagen).

Back in business – finally flying again

Monday, April 27th, 2009

My last flight was in late Augus last year, 8 months ago, the longest stop I have had from flying. Still, last weekend I finally got myself a flight. Alf O. and I drove to Hallingdal on a day trip Sunday to get our first flight of the year, and for me to get the first flight in my new Wills Wing Falcon 3 195. The conditions proved weak and we even had problems launching due to crosswind. I got a 18 minutes flight, while Alf got a short 1 hour xc-flight on his ATOS. Many thanks to Steinar Sverd and Terje S. that came by to drive the car down.

This weekend a (wild) bunch of pilots were invited to Steinar Sverd (and Aud’s) cabin in Hallingdal. In total we were 8 students and pilots – Steinar, Benedicte (student), Øystein (student) , Jarle, Harald, Øystein, Gunnar, and I; 7 of which flew Wills Wing. In addition, Steinar’s girlfriend Aud provided excellent service as driver. Both Saturday and Sunday proved to be rather marginal in terms flying, with high pressure conditions and on Sunday even cirrus. Still, we all got to fly both days. In the evening Aud made us dinner and feed us – thanks! All in all a good weekend.

I only got two prolonged sled rides on my new Falcon 3 195 this weekend, but I am extremely pleased with the glider so far. Easy and fun to launch, fly, thermal, and land.

Below, Steinar is landing his Sport 2:

Steinar Sverd lander etter flytur fra Flatagrov from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

Pictures from the day HERE.

Sundvollen, March 21st

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

It has been a horrible winter for flying here in the vicinity of Oslo, and it has never been this late in the year for me without a flight. Further, I managed to get problems with my lower back last Saturday, a week ago, and is currently not able to fly. So it was no surprise that this weekend was flyable at Sundvollen, the main site close to Oslo.

Øyvind and I went out Saturday so that Espen O., one of our scooter tow students, could get his first foot launched flights. I overslept, and by the time I got to Sundvollen Espen had already got his first flight. As I was not able to fly I acted as driver so that Øyvind got a couple of flights as well on one of the clubs WW Falcon 2 glider. In total Espen got 3 flights – he seemed pleased.

In addition to instruct and drive I used the day to take some photos and getting more familiar with the Pentax K200D. I mostly used a 100-300 mm Pentax lence, but also a 18-55 mm lence.

National team member Øyvind Ellefsen launching a WW Falcon 2 170 in 0-wind. Low nose, aggressive run, and good launch speed – the way to do it.

More pictures from the day HERE.

More intro days

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

This weekend Øyvind and I had instructur duty and we had two more introduction days before starting this years hang glider course. Saturday we had 10 potential students trying and Sunday 6 turned up. It was long days and a lot of running back and forth for us instructors as we have to follow up everyone closely as this is the first time most of them have ever lifted a hang glider. In addition we provide a little extra help and service now before the course starts. Luckily we got help from Terje S on Saturday and Terje B came by on Sunday.

At our intro days we start off by having the students do a few runs with a Falcon and harness to make them learn to balance and run with a hang glider and to teach them the absolute basics. Then, if conditions are perfect (close to 0-wind) we hook them in under the Condor 330 and let them try a couple of scooter tows. The Condor is so stable that everyone that has managed to balance and run with the Falcon do pretty well.

Most of the people that turned up at the intro days Thursday and this weekend seemed pleased but it still remains to see how many that signs up for the course.

Saturday: 10 potential students turned up.

First time airborne in a hang glider (Wills Wing Condor 330).

Environmental friendly line retrieval. Terje S. pulling the tow line back.

Sunday we did a couple of high tows with a Falcon for a hang glider pilot that need some flight to have his licence renewed. It seems like he needs to perfect his landings a little more.

More pictures from the weekend HERE. The pictures are taken with my girlfriends new Pentax K200d camera.

Intro days 2008

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Today we had a introduction day before this year’s hang glider course. Øyvind, Øystein, and I had an intro day at our training hill at Årvoll, while Steinar had an intro day for collegues from SAS. We had 10 potential hg students, while Steinar had 5. Pretty good turn up, and hopefully we will have 5-6 signing up for the course. This weekend we will have our two last days of intro before starting the hang glider course. Again we will use scooter towing as our main training method.

Evening instruction again

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Tuesday evening after work I was back in the training hill at Årvoll with Frode and Olaf for more launch training. The weather forcasts predicted almost any kind of weather imaginable, but as risk takers we gave it a try and was rewarded with launchable conditions. Frode and Olaf got a few good flights before we got tail wind.

Fellow instructor Steinar Sverd came with the club’s Wills Wing Condor 330 so that we could check it out before we start a new hang glider course. So we checked and rigged the glider and off course could not resist trying it in the training hill. Actually we have only used the Condor for scooter towing and this was the first time we tried it in the training hill. Steinar was first out and it looked just totally strange – it flew so slow. Then I had to try it. I started in a very flat part of the training hill in 0-wind, walked a couple steps to get the big glider started and then tried to start running. But before I even could start to run the glider took off at such a slow speed that I was sure I was going to crash. Still, the glider just flew and started to glide, and actually pretty good as well, and VERY slow. Fun! This is the perfect course glider.

The Norwegian Wills Wing dealer Alf Oppøyen also came by to hand over a brand new WW Sport 2 to Steinar. I tried to lift and balance the glider and it was just so light and easy to ground handle. Maybe I can get a test flight as we start scooter towing 😉

Evening instruction

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Today after job I went up to our local training hill at Årvoll to meet up with the Fun guys in our hang gliding club – Fun = Airborne Fun. Luckily more and more hang glider students and fresh hang glider pilots choose to buy and fly modern floaters after the course instead of old and worn out intermediate or comp glider. Frode and Olaf are two of those students.

Conditions were not that good this evening with rain to begin with and a little turbulent air. Still, Olaf got a couple of launches from the top of the hill, and Frode got 11-12 very good launches from lower in the hill.

Olaf and Frode setting up and making ready for some training hill flights.

Frode launching #1.

Frode launching #2. Good agressiv launch run!

Sailplane course this summer or hang glider course this fall?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

My sailplane club, Sandefjord Seilflyklubb, is arranging an intensive sailplane course this summer. The course will be between July 5. -13. at Notodden. The price is NOK 12.000,- and includes 25 tows to 500 metres, course materials, as well as free access to planes and accommodation at our facilities at Notodden during 2008. Medical check and membership fees are not included (a total cost of maximum NOK 2.000,-). Contact person is Einar Rønnestad, mobil phone 90648255.

Why fly sailplanes? Have a look!

If you instead prefer hang gliding and wants to attend a hang glider course Oslo og Omegn Hanggliderklubb (the Oslo Area Hang Glider Club) will have a course starting the first weekend in September. We will have a few test days this summer before the course starts but the dates are not yet determined. If you want more information about the course and the test days contact me at e-mail bjorn (you know what) and I will put you on our mailing list for this years course.

Why fly hang glider? Look at this video and get an idea!

Scooter towing in the rain

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Bad weather this weekend here in Oslo with snow and rain. Today, Sunday, did not look that bad on forecast so we tried to get some of our hang glider students a few flights at Ekebergsletta. According to the forecast it should be sunny and nice conditions from about 1200. But that did not happened. Still, we managed to get a few flights between the showers, but as I put on a harness and got ready for a flight in the end of the day the wind turned to tailwind and later it started to rain even worst than before so we packed up.

Wet and cold conditions, but we Norwegians love it – or possibly not.

National team pilot Øyvind E. dances the sun dance hoping for better weather. The Norwegian sun dance has been refined through generations ever since the vikings, and has now reached a high level of sofistication and has been widely adopted by Norwegian hang glider pilots trying to influence the weather. It is one problem though, it does not work.