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Results from Forbes

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Results from the Forbes Flatlands competition can be found HERE.

This year two Norwegians, Øyvind Ellefsen and Olav Lien Olsen, are participating.

Report from Norwegain Nationals – Vaagaa Open

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Last week I was in Vågå to fly the Nationals. The report is long overdue, mostly because it is not that much to report from my side. The competition started on Monday and I had hoped to go up Thursday or Friday before the comp to get some flights before the comp, but the weather was bad and I did not go up until Sunday afternoon.

As I have not flown a topless glider in a year and very little hang glider flying overall this year I started the comp flying a Falcon 2 195 just to get into flying again. The national championship had 28 participants and with two Swedes in addition for the Open competition. Taking into consideration that there are only about 300 hang glider pilots in Norway this is not a bad turn up for the national championship.

Some pictures from the comp HERE.
Pictures from Stein Edgar Strandli HERE.

Day 1: The first day of the comp we went to Bøverdalen/Juvass but conditions were not good with rain and lots of crosswind at the launch so I never set up. This launch has late conditions and finally a tast was set with start about 1800. Most of the comp pilots got out but a few as stuck in crosswind at the launch.

Day 2 Tuesday: Rain.

Day 3 Wednesday: A high pressure area was moving in and the weather improved but late conditions at Vole, the launch of the day. I launched at about 1600 with the Falcon and got a nice 1 hour 19 minutes flight. I flew straight into a good thermal and soared to 1700 masl (the launch is at 1070) but after that I never got high again. Still, good practice and nice to be in the air again.

Day 4 Thursday: Also today we started from Vole. High air pressure and unusually hot. Today I decided to fly the T2 for first time since last summer. The launch conditions were good and I was not to nervous before the launch. I had a good launch and flew straight into a thermal (again) that took me up to 1650 masl. But from then on I never found more lift and the last part of the flight was just a long sled ride. I finished the flight with a pretty good landing i 0-wind.

Day 5 Friday: More SE winds today so we went to Salknappen, a launch further up from Vole at 1470 masl. Again it was very hot and stabile and late conditions. Today noone had any problems getting up. It lifted all over the place and I had to escape a couple of clouds that lifted more than I appreciated. I am not used to fly the T2 so I soon became tired and after 1 1/2 hour I decided to land, but ut was just impossible. I really had to struggle to get down and landed in turbulent conditions at the main LZ.

Day 6 Saturday and final day: Basically the same as yesterday. Nice conditions. In the evening it was a price giving ceremony for the competition. National champion was Nils Åge Henden, no 2 Bjørn Joakimsen, and no 3 Jon Gjerde. Complete results HERE. I did not even try to fly the tasks was I was more concerned about getting some time in the air, just to fly and get a good feeling for flying hang gliders again.

Sunday: More stabile and hot weather and late conditions, but I got an 1 hour flight from Vole. I could have flown a lot longer but chose to go down and land because I had to drive home and because my elbows hurt to bad to stay up any longer. As I was packing up my equipment a pilot crash landed witout any apparent reason and the pilot stayed down. We ran over to him and found out that he had had a bad launch at Salknappen with his feets hitting a number of rocks as he flew out. After this he had to loose more than 1000 metres before reaching the landing with what appared to be multiple fractures in his feets and lover legs. I just can not imagine how painfull this must have been.

So all in all a good flying week in Vågå. Still, the flying was cut a little short for me as I had multiple injuries. My left knee, right achilles and both elbows cause me some problems this week. It is not that fun flying when you need to take pain killers before flying and massive amounts of anti-inflamatory medication every day to be able to fly.

Vaagaa Open/Norwegian Nationals

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Vaagaa Open and the Norwegian National Hang Gliding Championship started Monday. Monday we got a late and short task in Bøverdalen. Thuesday was too windy so the day was cancelled. Today, we also had a late start due to overcast conditions, this time from Vole, but we were able to launch at about 1530. Noone in goal either day. Complete results and more information can be found at the Vaagaa Open web page.

Bad news from the European Championship in Greifenburg

Monday, June 16th, 2008

The organiser reports of a fatal accident during the competition Sunday. A short statement from the organiser can be read HERE.

Pre-Worlds 2008 in Laragne

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Yes!!! I’m in for the Pre-Worlds in Laragne this summer.  I have paid and participation is confirmed.

I have flown in Laragne once before as Kenneth, Anders, Alf, and I spend the Easter vacation flying in here in 2002. Conditions then were not that good but I did get my first XC flight here.

My first XC fligh landing. I flew from Chabre to somewhere near Sisteron, not exactly a big leap but I was pleased.

Pre-Worlds in Laragne

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I tried to register for the pre-Worlds in Laragne today after the deadline for the priority team registration was out. I think that the number of pilots in the competition will be limited to 120, and with the number to team pilots registered and a waiting list of pilots long as my bar tabs I do not have too high hopes of attending. Still, it would have been fun flying in Laragne again, I spent the Easter holiday there flying in 2002.


The launch at Chabre, Laragne, my old WW Fusion 141 to the left.


Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Week old news but worth mentioning anyway. Jon Gjerde was 2nd at the Open de Canarias comp held at Lanzarote December 3rd – 8th. A good result at Jon has been out of flying most of 2007 due to a shoulder injury. Complete from the comp HERE.

Pictures from the comp HERE. Photos by the local club as far as I know.

Vaagaa Open, day 5 and 6

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Day 5: Rain and shit, but we got a nice evening flight.

Day 6: A little better weather, and we tried to set a task. Many had  already given up and gone home but about 10 pilots flew. Still, noone got outside minimum distanse so the task did not get scored.

So, for the first time we have had a national championship without any valid tasks. Jetta Luftsportsklubb (the local club) will arrange a new shorter national championship July 19.-22.  and already have more than the required 15 participants to make this an official championship.

Pretty boring staying in Vågå without flying. The highlights were the dinners prepared by cook Lene Einarsen.

Vaagaa Open day 4, still no flying

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

The weather is still totally useless; rain, overcast, and E winds (the worst wind direction here for flying). Further, the LZ is flooded, and we are constantly evaluating if we need to rescue the cars and equipment from the water.

LZ at 1030.

LZ at about 1200.

LZ at 1800.

The road to the national centre.


Vaagaa Open day 3, no flying

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Report from Wednesday July 4th. Rain! We cancelled the day at morning briefing. Tomorrow looks a little more promising and Friday almost good, but it is very wet and the air pressure is low so we risk overdevelopment if the sun starts to shine again.

I went for a walk this afternoon to kill some time. As it rained and was windy I chose the same route as Monday instead of the original plan of walking up in the mountains.

Here are a few pictures from the route. The quality is not that good as I used the camera on my mobile phone.

image_039.jpg image_041.jpg

image_043.jpg image_045.jpg