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10 months 5 days

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Sunday I finally got airborne again in a hang glider. Terje Solberg and I decided to give Eggekollen in Lier a try. It is a nice site, but hell to get all the equipment to the launch. It takes 1 hour of struggle to carry everything to the launch. Still, Terje and I did the job and was rewarded with a +1 hour flight. We could have flown longer but the wind picked up and we chose to go down to land as we both flew WW Falcons. This means that 10 months and 5 days of not flying hang glider is over. Hope I never get such a long stop again.

I have also bought a action cam to capture some scenes form the air. Based on recommendations from friends I chose a Drift 170 HD camera. I have just used it once, but below is a short video from me landing at Egge last Sunday.

Flying June 7th 2010 – June 11th 2012

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Since I have not blogged any flights between June 7th 2010 and June 11th 2010 I thought I should present a short update. Four flights from Flå, one from Liagårdane and one from Hydnefossen in July. Then a final flight from Flå August 7th, and that was my last hang glider flight. Short update and not much to tell.
September 4th I got my first flight in a paraglider from Vole, Vågå. I am unsure if I will follow up this very much, flying something that is easier to carry to distant launches and which is quick to set up is interesting.

367 days of no blogging – Loffuka 2011

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Long time since the post here. Not much flying either. I will try to update a little more frequently starting now.

This week is the annual “Loffuka” (eng: one week of driving around looking for the best sites to fly, camping wherever and sleeping the car). The weather forecast was pretty bad except for the first weekend, but I could not join before Monday and by then it was rain and bad weather. I joined the rest of the pilots Tuesday evening in Vågå, but it turned out not to be a big success. So Thursday evening I am back home and Loffuka 2011 has officially been terminated. Below are a few pictures of the rain and some flying.