One week of vacation and flying

Last week the famous Norwegian hang glider team Loffdesperados had their annual Loffe-uke (Loff week). Loff-uke basically is a a gathering of hang glider pilots driving around looking for the best flying conditions possible while sleeping in their cars, trying to fly as much as possible and drinking lots of beer. More or less a “test what your body can take of punishment over a week” experience.

This year we started in Hallingdal, but after just two days headed for Vågå and spent rest of the week there. We had some good flying days and some bad ones. Steinar had one exceptional flight of 137 km from Vågå to Røros, but generally conditions were never very good and we also managed to ruin a couple of days because of bad decisions on where to fly. So, we had hoped for a little better conditions, but good company and good experiences make up for this.

Pictures from Loffuka below.

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