Instructors seminar in Bergen

This weekend I was instructor at the Hang glider and paraglider section’s instructors seminar in Bergen. In Norway hang glider and paraglider instructors must attend an instructors seminar every forth year to maintain their license as instructors. It is a group of four of us (no: faglig ledergruppe) that is responsible for arranging these seminars. The main idea with these seminars is to update the instructors with new info, but the most important points on the agenda are sharing knowledge and ideas. As usual both the seminar and the social evening activities were nice, with good discussions at the seminar and lots of beer in the evening.

Returning to Oslo my flight was delayed, but it was worth the wait. The plane was a brand new Boeing 737-800, and  the weather was clear blue and the view from the air was spectacular. I was basically hanging out of the window the entire flight. Just after take off we flew over down town Bergen, then we flew over Hardangervidda before we flew just over the hang gliding and paragliding launch at Sundvollen before landing at Gardermoen.

I strongly recommend a virtual tour of the flight between Bergen and Oslo in Google Maps; not as good as the original but still a nice “journey” over a the best Norway can offer of fjords, mountains, glaciers, valleys, lakes, and rivers.

Vis større kart

In two weeks it is another instructors seminar in Vågå; I am really looking forward to a weekend in the mountain.

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