Hang glider course

The bad flying year is continuing for me and it has been no flying since Flå. Still, autumn means hang glider course and this year is no exception, so at least I am involved in some hang glider related activity.

This year Øyvind Ellefsen has been the main initiator and instructor for the course. He, and Steinar J., have made a great effort thus far, and it seems like we will have 6 or 7 students at this years course. Today Øyvind, Terje B. and I was instructors, and we were at a field just north of Lillestrøm. As bad weather has slowed down the course progress, we opted for a long day today to catch up, and we ended up with a course day from 1000 to 1945. But unfortunately we were troubled by relatively strong winds during the day so we did not get a very efficient day, but I think we managed to get the best out of the day. The price to pay for training in the strong wind as a lot of uprights, and by the end of the day we ran out of spare uprights. Hopefully we will have everyone on Falcons next course day, and after 4-6 more effective days we should have most of the students through the course.


May flying at Lillestrøm (photo by Line Hagen).

Pictures from the day HERE (photos by Line Hagen).

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