Flying at Flå

After a disastrous July for flying, today I made a last desperate attempt to get some airtime at the end of my vacation. So after a few phone calls and sms’ yesterday evening, a bunch of us (Steinar, Stein SP Fossum, Truls S, Petter P, Vegar H, and me) decided to give Flå a try. As we arrived at 1030 conditions looked quite good, but it seemed like it could be overcast. So we drove up to the launch as fast as possible, but it turned out that the shades kept away and we had nice sunny conditions until almost 1700. The conditions proved to be quite weak but enough to provide safe and easy soaring, mostly ridge soaring from weak thermals, and it was difficult to get over 950 masl. Still, we could at least fly as long as we wanted. I got a nice 2 hours 14 minutes flight.

Below, a bad video filmed with my photo camera – hand held.

Flå 1. august 2009 from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

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