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More bad weather and no flying

Monday, July 27th, 2009

This must have been one of the worst summer vacations I have ever had in terms of flying, and also this week seem totally wasted when it comes to flying.

Last week Vågå Paraglider Open was arranged, but they were only able to fly two tasks because of the weather. Bad luck, as Vågå in July can proved some of the best flying in the world.

So in the mean time, as it is not much flying to write about, here is a short documentary about Norway, this is Norway:

Updates from July 2009

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

My blog went down just as the main flying season started, but nothing much has happened here in terms of flying. Actually I have only flown 3 flights in July, this must be an all time low for me. Still, I have one more week of vacation so I hope to get a few more flights next week.

Last week I flew for the first time from Flå, a new site Steinar Sverd Johnsen has explored and developed. This site seems very promising. Hopefully I will get a few more flights here this summer.

Erik V. launching from Flå from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

Flying from Hydnefossen July 18th. This is one of my favorite sites to fly with spectacular nature (have a look at the pictures – link below).

Terje S. landing at Hydnefossen from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

Pictures from July HERE.

Blog back up

Friday, July 24th, 2009

This blog was down because of a failed server harddisk. Should be OK now again. I’ve added a twitter feed in the sidebar.

Sorry for the downtime!