Nice day at Ringerud

Northerly winds and possibilities for ovedevelopment mean ideal conditions for Ringerudkollen about 1 1/2 hours drive north of Oslo. Today we were 4 hang glider pilots; Øyvind E., Benedicte, Gunnar, and myself. Later on also 4 paraglider pilots joined us. The launch is facing East so it is early conditions here and we were at launch about 1030, well at least most of us, I was a little late. The conditions looked great and due to the N-wind we chose to launch from the N-launch (surprised?). The main launch is facing East at Ringerud. Benedicte, this year’s student, was first out and did very well in the not too easy thermals and got herself a + 30 minutes flight. Then Gunnar (an old-timer returning to flying), me, and Øyvind launched. It was easy to stay up as the wind and thermals provided nice ridge soaring in front of the launch, but it was quite difficult to get high – I was not above 980 masl while the launch is at 700 masl. Øyvind flew low in over the mountains on his Litespeed 3,5RS, found better thermals, and ended up flying to Sundvollen about 45 km to the South. I did not want to go that far in on my Falcon 3 so I stayed closer to the landing and safe grounds. After flying for 40 minutes or so I got bored with the short ridge and I tried to find better lift a bit to the South but found only sink and had to return well below the launch and never got up again after this, slowly lost altitude and had to land. The landing was not very graceful as one of my legs got entangled in one of the lines for the harness zipper, making me land on my face after both attempting to flare and then run the glider down failed. Everyone else also got nice + 1 hour flight today at Ringerud.

Nice clouds and view from the N-launch at Ringerud today. The clouds looked better than they worked.

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