Weekend in Hallingdal

The four days of (expected) flying last weekend were cut somewhat short by bad weather, and turned out to be one day of flying and one day lost because most of us were too late to launch. Anyway, we were at least a bunch that turned up hoping for good flying conditions in Hallingdal; 3 Swedes and 4 Norwegians (5 on Saturday).

Saturday most of us launch too early in the blue high pressure conditions and only got sled rides, but the two last launching got up as the rest of us rigged down the gliders at the landing. So then it was a race back up to perfect conditions and everyone got to fly as long as he wanted.

Sunday we expected similar conditions but all but two were stuck in crosswind and rotor. Steinar J. launched first and got a nice XC-flight of + 60 km to Bagn, while one other pilot only found sink and had a wet landing in the river next to the launch – everything went OK.

The following day I went home to work while some of the others stayed hoping for flyable conditions during the week.

Flying from Liagardane in Hallingdal from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

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