Hallingdal once again

Good forcast for Friday but not for Saturday and Sunday, so Alf and I drove the 185 km to Gol in Hallingdal (and back again in the evening) trying to get a flight on Friday. We met up with Steinar and Aud, and drove up to the launch at Flatagrov. It was high air pressure and the conditions did not look very promising, but gradually the thermals got stronger and we launched just after 1330. Initially it was weak conditions and we all struggled to get up, but then the conditions improved and we could find lift almost everywhere. I flew for 2 hours 15 minutes, and by the time I wanted to land it was difficult to get down because of the strong lift.

The landing today was interesting. First I had big problemes getting down in the strong lift, and as I flew over the landing I saw 3 flags marking different wind directions, the marker at the landing a forth wind direction, and finally my fly instrument a fith direction. One way or another I managed to land on my feet in weak tailwind.

Self portrait.                  The view towards Hemsedal.

More pictures from the day HERE.

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