Back in business – finally flying again

My last flight was in late Augus last year, 8 months ago, the longest stop I have had from flying. Still, last weekend I finally got myself a flight. Alf O. and I drove to Hallingdal on a day trip Sunday to get our first flight of the year, and for me to get the first flight in my new Wills Wing Falcon 3 195. The conditions proved weak and we even had problems launching due to crosswind. I got a 18 minutes flight, while Alf got a short 1 hour xc-flight on his ATOS. Many thanks to Steinar Sverd and Terje S. that came by to drive the car down.

This weekend a (wild) bunch of pilots were invited to Steinar Sverd (and Aud’s) cabin in Hallingdal. In total we were 8 students and pilots – Steinar, Benedicte (student), Øystein (student) , Jarle, Harald, Øystein, Gunnar, and I; 7 of which flew Wills Wing. In addition, Steinar’s girlfriend Aud provided excellent service as driver. Both Saturday and Sunday proved to be rather marginal in terms flying, with high pressure conditions and on Sunday even cirrus. Still, we all got to fly both days. In the evening Aud made us dinner and feed us – thanks! All in all a good weekend.

I only got two prolonged sled rides on my new Falcon 3 195 this weekend, but I am extremely pleased with the glider so far. Easy and fun to launch, fly, thermal, and land.

Below, Steinar is landing his Sport 2:

Steinar Sverd lander etter flytur fra Flatagrov from Bjørn Trygve Hammer on Vimeo.

Pictures from the day HERE.

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