Sundvollen, March 21st

It has been a horrible winter for flying here in the vicinity of Oslo, and it has never been this late in the year for me without a flight. Further, I managed to get problems with my lower back last Saturday, a week ago, and is currently not able to fly. So it was no surprise that this weekend was flyable at Sundvollen, the main site close to Oslo.

Øyvind and I went out Saturday so that Espen O., one of our scooter tow students, could get his first foot launched flights. I overslept, and by the time I got to Sundvollen Espen had already got his first flight. As I was not able to fly I acted as driver so that Øyvind got a couple of flights as well on one of the clubs WW Falcon 2 glider. In total Espen got 3 flights – he seemed pleased.

In addition to instruct and drive I used the day to take some photos and getting more familiar with the Pentax K200D. I mostly used a 100-300 mm Pentax lence, but also a 18-55 mm lence.

National team member Øyvind Ellefsen launching a WW Falcon 2 170 in 0-wind. Low nose, aggressive run, and good launch speed – the way to do it.

More pictures from the day HERE.

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