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Winter, no flying, boring

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

The weather here in southern Norway has not been the best lately, at least not if you prefer flying and summer activities. It has been a lot of snow and quite cold, down to – 18 C.

Here are two pictures three days apart taken at Lierbakkene while driving to work in Drammen. Snow one day, and a clear sky and very cold another day.

Fatal helicopter crash

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Today I got the sad message that Bjørn Erik Lillehov died in a tragic helicopter crash yesterday in the northern part of Norway. Bjørn Erik and I participated at the same hang glider course in 1998; we were a total of 13 on this course. Bjørn Erik stood out as one of the most enthusiastic and talented of the hang glider students and he was a great person as well. He flew hang gliders for a couple of years before changing carrier path totally as he started training as a helicopter pilot (from pharmacy I think). We did not have much contact after he stopped flying hang glider, but this summer he turned up in Vågå to see hang gliders fly and to see if he could find some old acquaintances. I guess he only found me, and we had nice chat while I was waiting a few hours for good conditions.

The news story can be read HERE (in Norwegian).

I will miss Bjørn Erik, R.I.P.

Attempt to get the first flight of the year

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

January has as usual been a bad month for flying here in Norway, and I have not flown so far in 2009. Today looked a little promising with a forecast of NW winds and some sun, so Terje B., Espen (student from our last course) and myself gave Sundvollen a try. As we arrived the conditions did not look too promising wit fog, 0-wind, and lots of snow. In addition, it was pretty cold with -10 C. We drove up to take a look at the conditions, but fairly soon decided not to fly. With 0-wind and lots of snow that would make a good launch run difficult, as well as possible problems with rime/ice on the sail, we chicked out. Some paragliders got a few flights, but also a few of them had some problems launching because of the snow.

Pictures from the day taken by my mobile phone, Nokia N95.

Lots of ice on the trees.

Fog, snow, shit.