My precious – new glider

Finally both Alf and I had the opportunity to come together and assemble the 2 meter short packed Falcon 3 195 I have bought from Alf (Norwegian Wills Wing dealer). It was quite a job to assemble the glider; it is basically in pieces.

Now I can not wait trying the Falcon 3. I have a lot of hours on the Falcon 2, but only one flight with Falcon 3 – it will be interesting comparing the two models more closely.

Bits and pieces.

Coming together.

Checking everything is OK.

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2 Responses to “My precious – new glider”

  1. Du hørs ut som Gollum i Lord of the Rings

  2. Peer says:

    The Uprights are cute 🙂 I wish you nice flights and always happy landings