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Snow, new job, no flying

Monday, January 19th, 2009

The last 24 hours (Sunday 1200 – Monday 1200) we had 41 cm of snow here in Bærum. I had to shovel snow late yesterday evening, just to do one more round this morning starting at 0615 to get my car out and ready to drive. It had been 70 years since a similar snow fall around here. Video from the local newspaper HERE (in Norwegian, but nice visuals as well).

Today I also started in new job at Sykehuset Buskerud HF (Buskerud Hospial Trust) as project manager. The hospital is a 32 km drive away in Drammen, and I feared that the drive would be bad in these conditions, but the roads were more or less cleared from snow and it was no problems. The job seems very interesting and I can not wait to start working on the projects – I guess the first week will be used for start up activites and to get familiar with the organisation, routines, and so on.

The snow was forecasted to arrive a little earlier than Sunday evening, but the entire weekend nevertheless had bad weather with some snow, wind, and fog. So no flying this weekend, and unfortunately the longterm forecast is not promising. This is typical for Norway in December and January.

My precious – new glider

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Finally both Alf and I had the opportunity to come together and assemble the 2 meter short packed Falcon 3 195 I have bought from Alf (Norwegian Wills Wing dealer). It was quite a job to assemble the glider; it is basically in pieces.

Now I can not wait trying the Falcon 3. I have a lot of hours on the Falcon 2, but only one flight with Falcon 3 – it will be interesting comparing the two models more closely.

Bits and pieces.

Coming together.

Checking everything is OK.

Results from Forbes

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Results from the Forbes Flatlands competition can be found HERE.

This year two Norwegians, Øyvind Ellefsen and Olav Lien Olsen, are participating.

Rough comp start for Øyvind Ellefsen in Forbes

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Øyvind Ellefsen got the worst possible start (exept injuries that is) in the competitions in Forbes. A dustdevil damaged 6 gliders in the tow line, including the two “Norwegian” gliders. Read Øyvind’s story about the incident HERE.