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Wills Wing Falcon 3 195 – short pack

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

I am just about to pick up my new demo used Will Wing Falcon 3 195 at Alf Oppøyen, the Norwegian Wills Wing dealer. He went for a short trip to Lanzarote in early December for a few flights before handing over the glider to me. As he was shipping the glider to Lanzarote he short packed it using the Wills Wing short pack transport container. HERE are a few pictures from the operations. It is really nice to have the opportunity to short pack a glider, but it seems almost like a total assembly/disassembly operation. Time will show if I will take advantage of this feature; first and foremost I am buying the Falcon 3 to have a something easy and fun to fly in addition to my Wills Wing T2.

New compact camera for Christmas

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

My old compact camera (a Casio Exilim EX-Z3) has served me well 5 years or so, and it has never failed even though it has been through some pretty harsh handling. Still, the development has enormous these years and I have missed having a better compact digital camera. After looking through most of the available models and judging back and forth in terms of type of camera (compact, compact pro, small, and so on), brand, zoom, video, + +, I finally went for a compromise model. As we have a large Pentax K200D camera i opted for a smaller model and not a pro compact model like Canon G-10. In addition, I wanted a both wide angel and good zoom, and a camera that can be operated with flying gloves and while flying.

Fortunatly my girlfriend “surprised” me with a new camera for Christmas; luckilly just the model I wanted – a Panasonic DMC-TZ5 with Leica lens, 10x optical zoom, 28 mm wide angel, and HD video. I have only had a few test photos so far but so far I am very pleased. I have posted 3 pictures below shot from the same place. They are reduced to 33 % of original size to 1140×855 pix.

28 mm “wide” angel.

About 5x zoom.

10x zoom.