Vacation, hang glider course, and more

Last weekend my girlfriend and I spent the weekend in Paris as best man/woman in a wedding. A couple that have been two of our best friends the last 10 years had decided to get married in a surprise wedding, and had chosen the Norwegian embassy in Paris as their “arena”. Actually only two or three others knew about the wedding plans, and it was great fun receiving reactions by phone and on sms after the married couple sent mobile pictures (mms) from the wedding to family and friends. Following the wedding we had two fantastic days of the best from the French kitchen (and insane amounts of champagne) and shopping. We even had brilliant weather all weekend with day time temperature of 18 C and sunny. So, all in all, a perfect weekend.

Seine river boat – Paris. Photo taken using my girlfriends new Pentax K200D.

Hang gliding news: The Oslo Area Hang Glider Club has started our annual course. Only three students this year, but two of them are women, and all are doing well so far. We had hoped for 6 students, but 3 motivated ones are not bad at all. Also this year we are using scooter towing – and have only postive experiences so far.

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