More intro days

This weekend Øyvind and I had instructur duty and we had two more introduction days before starting this years hang glider course. Saturday we had 10 potential students trying and Sunday 6 turned up. It was long days and a lot of running back and forth for us instructors as we have to follow up everyone closely as this is the first time most of them have ever lifted a hang glider. In addition we provide a little extra help and service now before the course starts. Luckily we got help from Terje S on Saturday and Terje B came by on Sunday.

At our intro days we start off by having the students do a few runs with a Falcon and harness to make them learn to balance and run with a hang glider and to teach them the absolute basics. Then, if conditions are perfect (close to 0-wind) we hook them in under the Condor 330 and let them try a couple of scooter tows. The Condor is so stable that everyone that has managed to balance and run with the Falcon do pretty well.

Most of the people that turned up at the intro days Thursday and this weekend seemed pleased but it still remains to see how many that signs up for the course.

Saturday: 10 potential students turned up.

First time airborne in a hang glider (Wills Wing Condor 330).

Environmental friendly line retrieval. Terje S. pulling the tow line back.

Sunday we did a couple of high tows with a Falcon for a hang glider pilot that need some flight to have his licence renewed. It seems like he needs to perfect his landings a little more.

More pictures from the weekend HERE. The pictures are taken with my girlfriends new Pentax K200d camera.

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