Trontreff 2008

The annual and dreaded closing of the summer flying season was arranged this weekend at Tronfjell. Trontreff is an informal gathering with flying, BBQ, and a dead serious competition. The event usually turns out to be a test of what your body can take in one weekend experience; visits to the emergency room has not been unusual.

The weather forecast for the weekend was very good and this resulted in almost 50 pilots from all over southern Norway, and even 3 Swedes, turning up. Not bad considering it is only about 300 hang glider pilots with a valid licence in Norway.

Most drove to Tynset (Tronfjell) Friday evening, with a few also arriving Saturday. Already Friday evening at the camping we saw 30 gliders on cars roofs, and eventually we were about 50 pilots flying Saturday. Conditions Saturday were almost as good as predicted, but the wind could have been stronger. The conditions were also very on and off, so you had to have some luck with the cycles when launching. I was unlucky twice and only got two short flights. Others hit a good cycle and their only problem was to get down when they wanted to land. The competition (4 events this year) also started with the flying, and this year we had 25 contestants. The “task” for the flying part of the competition was as usual points for launching, then points for spotting the colour of two pylons, one near the launch and one near the landing. After the flying we went back to the camping for BBQ and the rest of the tasks. The remaining tasks included crowbar javelin throw, milk pail throw, and tennis ball precision throw. All, except the flying, after consuming relative generous amounts of beer and wine at the BBQ. It seemed like everyone had a very good time. After the competition some went out to the local pub/disco while others preferred staying at the camping and finish off their remaining beer and wine. I chose the latter. Sunday the wind had picked up and it was no problem staying up. Some pilots were a little reduced today, but years of experience made most of them able to fly even today. I had a nice one hour flight, falling through after an expedition away from the ridge and the safe ridge soaring. All in all, maybe my best Trontreff so far.

Photo: The peak of Tronfjell (Tron Mountain) in the background about at the same height 1666 masl. Low cloud base.

More pictures from the weekend HERE (some pictures have a sub-text).

Logged flights at Tronfjell HERE.

Miscellaneous rumours and short facts from the weekend:
– One pilot put the pedal to the metal driving home and was reward by the highway police with a huge fine and 6 months without a drivers licence.
– One pilot forgot to hook in after a top landing and launched unhooked. Luckilly he realised what was happening let the hang glider go and managed to stop. With a steep launch like here this could have been a huge disaster. Only minor damages on the glider.
– One glider ground looped at launch in the strong wind (12 m/s) and was pretty close to being totaled.
– No one to the emergency room after the competitions this year!

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  1. Gloria says:

    Sounds like fun, I really love gatherings of hang gliders

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