Ringerud Saturday

Delayed report from flying Saturday at Ringerud. The forecast looked somewhat promising so Alf and I decided to give Ringerud a try. One more pilot, who will remain ananomys, should have joined us, but chickened out with a hangover.

Nothing much to report from the flying though. It looked not that bad when we arrived with some sun and thermal activity. But as we rigged the gliders it overdeveloped and conditions calmed down. We launched as soon as possible as we thought conditions would just get worse, and were rewarded with 14-20 minutes flights in weak thermals. As we rigged down it cleared and a pg-pilots soared for more than an hour. Well, at least we got a flight.

The view towards S-SE from the main launch at Ringerud.

Alf Oppøyen, the Norwegain Wills Wing pusher, is rigging his brand new Wills Wing Falcon 3 195 before it’s first flight.

One Response to “Ringerud Saturday”

  1. Øyvind says:

    That anonymous pilot must be a master of predicting the conditions, choosing to stay home on such a crappy day, he must be the ultimate pilot. I wish I was him!