Evening instruction again

Tuesday evening after work I was back in the training hill at Årvoll with Frode and Olaf for more launch training. The weather forcasts predicted almost any kind of weather imaginable, but as risk takers we gave it a try and was rewarded with launchable conditions. Frode and Olaf got a few good flights before we got tail wind.

Fellow instructor Steinar Sverd came with the club’s Wills Wing Condor 330 so that we could check it out before we start a new hang glider course. So we checked and rigged the glider and off course could not resist trying it in the training hill. Actually we have only used the Condor for scooter towing and this was the first time we tried it in the training hill. Steinar was first out and it looked just totally strange – it flew so slow. Then I had to try it. I started in a very flat part of the training hill in 0-wind, walked a couple steps to get the big glider started and then tried to start running. But before I even could start to run the glider took off at such a slow speed that I was sure I was going to crash. Still, the glider just flew and started to glide, and actually pretty good as well, and VERY slow. Fun! This is the perfect course glider.

The Norwegian Wills Wing dealer Alf Oppøyen also came by to hand over a brand new WW Sport 2 to Steinar. I tried to lift and balance the glider and it was just so light and easy to ground handle. Maybe I can get a test flight as we start scooter towing 😉

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