Vaagaa Open/Norwegian Nationals

Vaagaa Open and the Norwegian National Hang Gliding Championship started Monday. Monday we got a late and short task in Bøverdalen. Thuesday was too windy so the day was cancelled. Today, we also had a late start due to overcast conditions, this time from Vole, but we were able to launch at about 1530. Noone in goal either day. Complete results and more information can be found at the Vaagaa Open web page.

2 Responses to “Vaagaa Open/Norwegian Nationals”

  1. Gloria says:

    Love to see some photos I’m in the US and we are currently having trouble registering 30 hang gliders for the competition on August

  2. Competition Can Be Fun…

    I’ve been reading that there are not enough pilots registered to the hang gliding competition in Lakeview.
    If you think you can save the day and prevent the competition from being canceled you can read the details here.
    I’ve seen some dis…