Vacation, and bad weather.

Friday I started a 4 week vacation. The last week at work provided excellent weather with more than 25 degrees C and perfect flying. New free distance records were set for paraglider, flex wing, and rigid wing hang gliders, and lots of personal bests. While I was working. Now it is 13 degrees C and raining for the second day in a row. Yesterday, Asker close to here had the most rain in one day since 1938!

Saturday I drove to Notodden and got one sailplane flight with an instructor, but it was way too turbulent to get any good training out of the conditions. Hopefully the weather will improve and I plan to fly sailplane on Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday. Sandefjord Seilflyklubb is having an intensive sailplane course this week and I am hanging around to get some progress on my own glider flying. After that I hope to fly hang glider most of the rest of the vacation.

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