Replacing the inner leading edge on my T2

After a small mishap some time ago I had to replace the inner leading edge of my Wills Wing T2 154. I got the part from the dealer very quick for an insane shipping cost. Luckily the dealer gave me a very good price for the parts. In hindsight I could have waited and got the leading edge sent with a glider later on but when things brake it always seems like an emergency. Well enough about that, back the main story. Today I finally decided to replace the broken leading edge, and got to work with high spirit and lots of guts. Removing the broken inner leading edge went really smooth and I immediately suspected problems to arise pretty soon. Things just never go this smoothly. And sure enough, as I was to fit the outer leading edge into the inner one the problems started. I just could not get the inner crescent to fit the clevis holes (this aligns and position the outer leading edge to the inner leading edge). As one attempt after the other failed, the more I hated Wills Wing and their stupid solutions, stupid gliders, and even stupider anything. After a large number of attempts I was about to go ballistic and considered sawing the bloody glider in two. I then had to endure the ultimate humiliation, embarrassment, and shame. I had to fetch and read the Owner Manual! So 1 minute of reading and 30 seconds of work later the inner and outer leading edge were assembled and everything was just perfect. The rest of the job was easy, and now I have again a flyable Wills Wing T2.

But why didn’t Wills Wing warn me about this? Sure, Wills Wing do write in the Owner Manual:

We encourage you to read this manual thoroughly for information on the proper use and maintenance of your Wills Wing glider. If at any time you have questions about your glider, or about any aspect of hang gliding that your Wills Wing dealer cannot answer, please feel free to give us a call.

Bla-bla! I’m a man, I don’t read manuals! At least they could have called and warned me, or maybe sent an e-mail or something. Didn’t they know I was replacing the leading edge? By the way, the small mishap that broke the leading edge in the first place – it wasn’t my fault either, things tend not to be, at least not in my head 😉 .

2 Responses to “Replacing the inner leading edge on my T2”

  1. Øyvind says:

    If it does not fit you just need a bigger hammer.

  2. Bob says:

    Dear Hammer. Stop trying to take off with an advanced glider in bad condition. Get yourself a Falcon and you do not have to read manuals