Nice soaring at Eggekollen, pre-Worlds in Laragne

Finally a nice hang glider flight for me, it has been a while now. The original plan was to participate in the pre-Worlds in Laragne now but because of a couple of accidents and little flying I chose to withdraw. So instead I get some local flying here in Norway at Eggekollen. I must admit that I would have preferred Laragne over Eggekollen, but that is just the way it is. Eggekollen provide almost certain soaring if it is sea breeze or winds from the south but it is not that much used by hangglider pliots as the equipment need to be carried for at least 20 minutes to get to the lauch. In addition, the airspace restricts us to 1370 masl.

It was quite a lot of wind today and this combined with thermals made the lauch turbulent, but once in the air it was nice and smooth. I enjoyed the nice conditions for 1 hour 30 minutes before heading for the LZ.

View from Egge towards the Oslo fjord. Nice clouds but the wind made the thermals difficult to catch and they drifted a lot. More pictures from the day HERE.

The two pilots from Norway in the competition in Laragne reports of hot weather and good flying but still cancelled or stoped tasks. The report home several times a day at our national team blog hosted by, the largest newspaper in Norway. Read the blog HERE (in Norwegian).

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