Windy day at Notodden

As I woke up this morning my knee felt pretty good (probably due to massive doses of steriods and Voltaren), and I decided to drive the 1 1/2 hour to Notodden to see if I could get a flight. The forecast predicted a lot of wind, and the two seaters in the club were quite booked with passenger flights, but as hang gliding was out of the question because of knee + wind and due to bad weather on Sunday, I thought I should try to get a flight as this seemed like the only possibility this weekend.

As expected it was not conditions for me to fly solo and the two seaters were quite bussy, but in the end I got a flight with my “old” hang glider buddy, now pure sailplane pilot, Kenneth Karlsen. We got a nice 1 hour 23 minutes flight in slow conditions taking the wind (where were the waves?) and clouds in consideration.

Cloud base at about 2200 masl. Vikersund and Tyrifjorden up along the wing seen from Notodden.

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