Bad knee, flying plans, and Moyes Malibu

As usual not much going on lately. Bad weather and some work. Still, the main problem right now is that I have got an inflamation in my knee for the fourth time in six months. I have been to the doctor and gotten an appointment for a MR examination, followed up by a visit to reumatologist to see if the problem can be identified. In the mean time I am worried about my flying this summer. A bad knee is not something you would have launching a hang glider.

Weekend flying plans. Lots of wind and possibly rain on Sunday = sailplane, at least on Saturday. This goes better with my knee as well. Still, the knee has to improve a little before the morning to be able both to drive and fly.

Moyes launches a floater glider!
Moyes introduces the Malibu. Read more about the glider at Moyes’ website. The glider looks good and I would love to test fly one. I am probably going to buy me a floater glider soon and with the introduction of the Malibu, I have added this to my shortlist of potential gliders to buy, the other two being Wills Wing Falcon 3 and Airborne Fun.

Photo and copyright by Moyes.

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