Vågå weekend – Sunday

Strong W winds, cirrus (high clouds), and strange conditions. It was not flyable in Vågå so a bunch went to Heidalen – Espesætra hoping for better conditions here. This is a S-SW launch but is somewhat sheltered from strong winds and because of thermals and local conditions works on most wind directions. I had developed a cold during the night and did not feel too good. In addition, I did not believe too much in the day and chose not to fly. A few pilots did launch from Heidalen and reported about though conditions. Not a perfect weekend but nice company with other pilots in Vågå, and at least I got home early.

It is one thing I has irritated me for a long time! I often drive past Lillehammer on my way to fly in Gudbrandsdalen and Vågå. Lillehammer is about 2 hours 30 minutes drive from my home and roughly half way to Vågå. So it is nice to have a short stop here, get some coffee, fuel, and sometimes something to eat. And it is the latter that irritates me greatly. Near the main road and gas station it is a McDonald’s, and this is the worst f… McDonald’s I have ever had the misfortune to visit, and I have tried a few around Norway and Europe. I am not to fond of McDonald’s and this kind of food, but sometimes it is convenient because it is quick and inexpensive, and presumably no worse quality or less healthy than the rest of the food you can buy in by the road cafeterias – maybe even the opposite. But back to McDonald’s Lillehammer. This is the worst McDonald’s. I have ever visited (I know I have already said this, I just want to emphasis the point). It is definitely the slowest, it only take slightly more than a couple of visitors to make you wait for at least 10 minutes. If it is few guests, they never have any burgers or anything else ready so you have to wait 2 minutes (meaning at least 10 minutes) to get our food. And worst of all, the burgers look trashed, the fries are either cold, over fried, too salty, of a combination of these things. It is incredible that it is possible to make such a mess out of a tested and proven concept. I have no other explanation than that they want to make things bad. So my advise is very clear. Stay away from McDonald’s Lillehammer! I once again tried to buy a burger from them today and gave up – and this was my last visit ever to this disfunctional “restaurant”.

As I come from Lillehammer I am so lucky to have family here and can visit them, and often do, for a cup of coffee and some food if needed.

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