Sailplane solo!

Today I had my first solo flight in a sailplane. An exciting but good experience. I first had two flights with the instructor. The first flight was not that good and I was not able to co-ordinate rudder and stick very well (should have been a basic skill by now), but the second flight was much better, and as we landed the instructor told me that I should do the solo flight right away. I knew that I was soon ready to go solo, but it was nevertheless an exciting moment to be in the glider alone for the first time as the hood closed and the tow line was attached. Then all that remained was to give thumb up for ready and then it was “just” to fly. The flight was quite OK I guess, except the landing. I pulled the stick a little hard as I was about to flatten out (or whatever the correct phrase is in English – sorry I do not have the sailplane vocabulary straitened out in English yet) resulting in some up and down but the landing itself was pretty soft. I can not wait to get a few more solo flights and to learn more about flying sailplanes. To finish of the day; celebration with a nice old and good whisky (Bruichladdich 12 Y) this evening!

Finally, to all my hang glider friends, don’t worry, I will not stop flying hang glider.

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  1. ak says:


    Now I am waiting for the next flying activity. Perhaps Paragliding?