Not much going on

I have not flown much lately. Last weekend I was in Hallingdal (2,5 hours drive North of Oslo) with Steinar and Harald. I drove up Friday evening, flew on Saturday, and drove back home that same evening. I only got a 16 minutes flight, but was nevertheless pleased as this was my first flight since the crash this Easter.

As I drove home from Hallingdal I went past Sundvollen, where I crashed. During the crash my Garmin 60C was bulleted away from the glider and I never found it in the snow then. So I stopped to see if I could find it now when the snow was (long) gone. And sure enough, I found the gps at once about 7 metres from the crash site. The plastic cover over the display was gone and the antenna was bent. Further, the gps has melted through 1 metre of snow, lots of rain, cold, and heat so I did not have high expectations that it would still work. When i come home I replaced the batteries, pushed the “On” button – and the gps worked just fine! Not bad!

The weekend before this I flew sailplane at Notodden on Saturday. I also took the sailplane basic exam in laws and regulations, something that is required before going solo. The instructor also said that I was ready to start preparations to go solo, so I guess that next time I go flying I might actually go solo.

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