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Scooter towing at Fornebu again

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Same procedure as yesterday except that Truls replaced Steinar.

Øyvind landing at the beach – picture from yesterday.

Scooter towing at Fornebu

Monday, May 26th, 2008

1800: Øyvind Ellefsen phones me and ask if I want to go scooter towing at Fornebu with the new 125cc scooter. But I was about to eat dinner and had promised to lay some remaining tiles at the bath rom this evening so I told him that I could not come.
1830: Dinner eaten and permission given to go flying.
1831: I am out of the door.
1900: Arriving at Fornebu, meeting with Steinar, Øyvind, Sindre and Olaf. The latter just for a short visit to look at the “facilities”.

As I arrived the scooter and tow line was ready and we just had to rig the Falcon 2 170 school glider I brought with me to be ready to fly. It was some cross wind but not a problem to launch or tow. We got 2-3 tows each and also operated the scooter 2-3 times each. The 125cc is as easy to use as the 50cc; the only difference is that you have to speed up a little more softly, but after a few seconds it is full throttle and about 5500 rpm all the way up. With about 400 metres of tow line today we got a maximum of 180 metres of altitude, and this was with good head wind. With 50 metres longer line Steinar got an altitude of about 230 metres. Max lift in the tow was around 6 m/s. Nice evening and a good test for the 125cc. If we pull out more of the tow line we can easily do altitude flights (minimum 250 metres) on our courses with this scooter. The main problem will probably be to find a long enough field.

Photo by Steinar Sverd.

Some pictures from the day HERE.

Sailplane solo!

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Today I had my first solo flight in a sailplane. An exciting but good experience. I first had two flights with the instructor. The first flight was not that good and I was not able to co-ordinate rudder and stick very well (should have been a basic skill by now), but the second flight was much better, and as we landed the instructor told me that I should do the solo flight right away. I knew that I was soon ready to go solo, but it was nevertheless an exciting moment to be in the glider alone for the first time as the hood closed and the tow line was attached. Then all that remained was to give thumb up for ready and then it was “just” to fly. The flight was quite OK I guess, except the landing. I pulled the stick a little hard as I was about to flatten out (or whatever the correct phrase is in English – sorry I do not have the sailplane vocabulary straitened out in English yet) resulting in some up and down but the landing itself was pretty soft. I can not wait to get a few more solo flights and to learn more about flying sailplanes. To finish of the day; celebration with a nice old and good whisky (Bruichladdich 12 Y) this evening!

Finally, to all my hang glider friends, don’t worry, I will not stop flying hang glider.

Sailplane course this summer or hang glider course this fall?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

My sailplane club, Sandefjord Seilflyklubb, is arranging an intensive sailplane course this summer. The course will be between July 5. -13. at Notodden. The price is NOK 12.000,- and includes 25 tows to 500 metres, course materials, as well as free access to planes and accommodation at our facilities at Notodden during 2008. Medical check and membership fees are not included (a total cost of maximum NOK 2.000,-). Contact person is Einar Rønnestad, mobil phone 90648255.

Why fly sailplanes? Have a look!

If you instead prefer hang gliding and wants to attend a hang glider course Oslo og Omegn Hanggliderklubb (the Oslo Area Hang Glider Club) will have a course starting the first weekend in September. We will have a few test days this summer before the course starts but the dates are not yet determined. If you want more information about the course and the test days contact me at e-mail bjorn (you know what) and I will put you on our mailing list for this years course.

Why fly hang glider? Look at this video and get an idea!

Not much going on

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

I have not flown much lately. Last weekend I was in Hallingdal (2,5 hours drive North of Oslo) with Steinar and Harald. I drove up Friday evening, flew on Saturday, and drove back home that same evening. I only got a 16 minutes flight, but was nevertheless pleased as this was my first flight since the crash this Easter.

As I drove home from Hallingdal I went past Sundvollen, where I crashed. During the crash my Garmin 60C was bulleted away from the glider and I never found it in the snow then. So I stopped to see if I could find it now when the snow was (long) gone. And sure enough, I found the gps at once about 7 metres from the crash site. The plastic cover over the display was gone and the antenna was bent. Further, the gps has melted through 1 metre of snow, lots of rain, cold, and heat so I did not have high expectations that it would still work. When i come home I replaced the batteries, pushed the “On” button – and the gps worked just fine! Not bad!

The weekend before this I flew sailplane at Notodden on Saturday. I also took the sailplane basic exam in laws and regulations, something that is required before going solo. The instructor also said that I was ready to start preparations to go solo, so I guess that next time I go flying I might actually go solo.