Scooter towing in the rain

Bad weather this weekend here in Oslo with snow and rain. Today, Sunday, did not look that bad on forecast so we tried to get some of our hang glider students a few flights at Ekebergsletta. According to the forecast it should be sunny and nice conditions from about 1200. But that did not happened. Still, we managed to get a few flights between the showers, but as I put on a harness and got ready for a flight in the end of the day the wind turned to tailwind and later it started to rain even worst than before so we packed up.

Wet and cold conditions, but we Norwegians love it – or possibly not.

National team pilot Øyvind E. dances the sun dance hoping for better weather. The Norwegian sun dance has been refined through generations ever since the vikings, and has now reached a high level of sofistication and has been widely adopted by Norwegian hang glider pilots trying to influence the weather. It is one problem though, it does not work.

One Response to “Scooter towing in the rain”

  1. Audun Etnestad says:

    I thought one had to drink to make the weather god happy. Next time you better bring plenty of beer!