Knee update and more

My leg and knee has improved dramatically the last two days (see posts below for why my leg and knee are messed up). Last Friday I got cortisone steroids and Voltaren (non-steroid anti-inflammatory) from the doctor, and I noticed a difference already after two days. So hopefully I will be ready to fly again this weekend.

Job news.
Today I completed a consulting project for a hospital here in Norway through my own company. An interesting project although I did not know a thing about hospitals to start with. But I learned a lot and hopefully the hospital can benefit from my analysis as well. Tomorrow I will start at a new job as employee at Steria as sr consultant in their consulting department. I am really looking forward to being part of a larger firm again, and can’t wait start working on projects for Steria.

Breaking news!
Today I bought my first jeans for at least 12 year. It does not exactly make the world stop spinning, but a pretty dramatic purchase for me. What will come next, sandals?

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