New vario/gps

I have so far flown with a Bräuniger IG Competition GPS and Garmin 12 combination, using a Garmin 60 to record a track log with altitude which is required here in Norway for competitions. I have been more that satisfied this these instruments, although a bit of manual operation is needed in the air for comp flying. But now, I have finally joined company with the integrated vario/gps dudes. Friday I picked up my new Bräuniger IQ Compeo+ at Øyvind Ellefsen. The instrument looks pretty neat, but not that much is new from the previous model, and I would not have changed I had the old Compeo. I look forward to test it in the air, and I guess I have to read the manual to understand what is going on in the display.

My new Bräuniger Compeo+.

I have already a good working knowledge of how to operate the instrument as I have scored hang glider competitions since the first Gallileo/Compeos, and at that time no one seemed to know how to operated the instrument, so I had to learn the basic stuff to be able to score the comps. The knowledge of how to use the first Compeo’s here in Norway is an interesting story. No one could use them except my master and comander in the Norwegain competition committee Øyvind Ellefsen. He learned me the basics so that I could help him score, and was no problem. The problem, however, was that everyone else had to ask him how to operate their Gallieo/Compeo, often on launch on comps just before the start window opened. As far as I remember, Øyvind, who is really very patient, got pretty annoyed a few times because no one else bothered to read their vario manual, and instead relied on him for support. Hang glider pilots are a lazy bunch!

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