Bruised and battered.

It is 5 days since my crash, and my thighs have felt progressively worse where I got the main impact. Yesterday it pecked as I could not bend my knee without squeaking (pathetic isn’t it), and my left thigh was aching like hell. I tried to get help from the hospital emergency in the evening, but it was at least 4 hours to wait so I gave up. Not a crisis for me, but do they expect people that are really ill to be able to wait for 4 hours to get help? Instead, I used some leftovers from November when I got some anti-inflammatory for my jumpers-knee. Today I am a lot better, and I will try to get hold of a doctor to get a few more of the anti-inflammatory pills for a 1-2 week cycle.

I had hoped to fly again this weekend, but both my legs and the weather is trash so I guess I have to wait another week.

My thigh 5 days after impact. Strangely it is only the front of the thigh that hurts while the most black/blue parts do not feel that bad. In addition, my knee is swollen and sore.

3 Responses to “Bruised and battered.”

  1. Bjørn Joakimsen says:

    This is a picture i didn’t need to see! The look of your naked and hairy thighs will probably haunt me in my sleep for years to come : )

  2. Vakkert fargekart. Kjenner disse kroppsfarger igjen.
    ….du kan jo få tatovert det slik at du har ett minne???

  3. site admin says:

    I’ll shave my legs just for you before the summer darling!