Bad news about my T2

This morning I drove the remnants of the T2 over to Finn Spjeldnæs, Moyes dealer and the glider guru here in Norway, for an evaluation for what to do with my crashed glider. He examined the wreck right away and this evening I got the damage report. The short version is that everything is broken or crushed. So my beloved T2 is officially dead – R.I.P. I am really sad about this, but even more relieved that I did not hurt myself in the crash. I guess that the glider took almost all the impact and saved me. A friend has a one year low airtime T2 for sales for a lower price than the repair price/value of my T2 so I hope that my insurance company accept that I replace my wrecked T2 with this one. I hope to sort this out with the insurance company already this week. Waiting for a stock T2 from Wills Wing is anyway not an option as the delivery date on T2s is June 6th.

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