Bad judgement, but lucky after all.

Today, it was time for me to f…. up really bad. I went to Sundvollen to fly even thought the wind was from N-NE (this is a W-NW launch). With winds from N and NE the launch is in lee of the wind and often plagued with rotor. Still, today it was launchable from time to time, and all the other pilots got out. I and another pilot was last out, and as the conditions had deteriorated somewhat, and I first gave up launching, but then the other pilot managed to start so I gave it another go. I waited until both wind streamers was straight in and stable, and then started my launch run. Although it was quite windy the glider did not fly and I had a long run before suddenly the right side of the wing lifted and got me airborne in a turn. I tried to pull in for speed and steer to the right out from the terrain, but because of the turn I flew straight into heavy tailwind and did not get air speed enough to have the glider turn. So I ended up as a very unwilling passenger and crashed straight back into the hill.


I hit must have hit really hard as I broke this tree in two as I crashed into the hill. Hitting this tree and one more on both sides of the glider probably saved me for more serious injuries than a bruised left thigh. It was the glider that took the beating, and not be. I was lucky after all!

I have insured all my hang glider equipment so the crash will not be a financial disaster, and I am more worried about getting a new sail in time to get enough airtime before the pre-Worlds in Laragne.

I am really embarrassed because of my bad choice, but I guess I just have to try to learn from this (as if I did not know enough not to start in such conditions already).

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