Nice day at Notodden

I has been a long time since my last sailplane flight, actually since my birthday September 22nd, but today it was time to start up again. The weather was good, and I really eager to fly again. Although a lot of people here in Norway as a long Easter vacation, starting Saturday and lasting until next Monday, and the nice weather, we were only 5 sailplane students/instructors/pilots/tow pilots at Notodden today. And I was concerned that it would be too busy for me as a student today! Where was everybody? Still, more time and tow capacity for us who turned up. I got 3 flights today:
First a short 10 minutes flight, just towed up and landing.
Second a 1 hour thermal flight up to about 1350 metres. At the end of the flight the instructor did a couple of loops, and made the glider enter spin a couple of times. A fun flight.
On the third flight the wind had picked up a little and it seems like we hit some light waves. Duration here was 40 minutes.

Tomorrow I have to work, and I do not know if it is instructors available at Notodden, but if it is I will probably try to get one or two more days here this Easter. In addition, I hope it will be time and weather for some hang gliding as well, both for me and our hang glider students.

Below is a nice sailplane video form last spring here in Norway, enjoy:

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  1. Mikroterje says:

    Get finished with your sailplane course. I want a ride 🙂