Meeting, Kari Castle, and bad weather.

This weekend was the annual meeting of the Hang Gliding and Paragliding section of the Norwegian Airsports Federation. Normally the weather this weekend is excellent and everyone else than us in the meeting is getting good flights. This year, however, the weather was crap here in Oslo, so it was not that bad attending the meeting. I was attening the meeting both representing my club and as responsible for rules and regulations in the Hang Gliding and Paragliding section. We went through the normal things, some red tape and some more applied issues. The meeting is quite useful as a lot of club leaders and operating officers are meeting each other and exchanging information and experiences in addition to the information they are getting from the hang glider and paraglider section. This year we also had a special guest, Kari Castle, three times hang gliding World champion. She held three very interesting talks on her herself, her way to becoming world champion, and on safety issues. Good presentations with lots interesting pictures.

Kari Castle talking about her hang glider and paraglider experiences.

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