Sunny day at Sundvollen

Today it was nice sunny weather and warm temperatures for Norway in early March. The wind direction was North something so we, Øyvind and I, went out to Sundvollen with Sindre and Olaf – two of our students. Øyvind was out earlier than me so as I arrived Sindre landed after his first flight, so he drove back up to the launch with me. At the launch it was nice and warm but almost no wind so I did not even bother rigging my T2. If I had a WW Falcon available maybe I would have flown, but today I focused instead on letting the students get a few flights. Sindre got 2 flight today, and Olaf one as he arrived late. Most or all that had rigged got a sled ride down, but as mentioned, I was not that motivated today. I definitely think I must get myself a WW Falcon 3 for these slow 0-wind days.

Olaf launching at Sundvollen.

More photos from the day HERE.

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