Out the training hill and onto real flying

Today we went to Sundvollen with the course to get some real flying. Per and Olaf became ready last weekend and Sindre already has 3 altitude flights. Instructors today were Terje Birdman, Erik V, and myself. The forecast looked good for the first altitude flight, but as we arrived at Sundvollen is was dense fog – probably as the only place in this part of Norway. This is not unusual, but equally frustration each time. We arrived at 1100 and had to wait until 1400 before the fog suddenly cleared, but we were troubled by tailwind all the day. After the fog lifted and between periods of tailwind we managed to send out Per and Olaf for their first altitude flights, not counting the 100 meter scooter towing flights, and Sindre on his 4th flight. All the students flew well and did exactly what they were supposed to. As the LZ is a frozen lake landing is not an issue, it is just not possible not to land somewhere on the ice.

Per landing, he chose a safe approach and I only got this distant shot of him in the air. (Click on the pictures for a larger version)

The eagle (Per) has landed.

Per seems to be pleased with the flight.

cimg2969.jpg cimg2970.jpg cimg2971.jpg
Olaf on this first hang glider approach.

Olaf was also pleased with his flight.

Sindre landing after his 4th flight with his fancy Skyline Race harness.

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