Nice day in the training hill

Since we started scooter towing our traning hill at Årvoll has not been used that much. But as foot launch is the most used start technique in Norway, we have included this in the scooter tow course. This means that we use one day in the traning hill. As the students can fly already it is just a matter of being sure that they can launch also by foot. We have had no problems converting the students to foot launch, they start perfect the first time and need only a few flights to get ready for altitude flights from our usual flight sites.

Today only Per of the students could come, and I was the only instructor until Stein Edgar came by to get a couple of flights in the training hill as he has not flown since July. In addition, Olaf came with the Airborne Fun 195 glider he bought a few weeks ago, to test fly it for the first time. Everything went smoothly, and Per got + 12 flights, Olaf 5 flights, and Stein Edgar 3 or something. I got 1 1/2 flight as I ended up providing today’s launch entertainment. I guess the message is focus and run even on a large Falcon 2 in 0 wind conditions. My first attempt ended up on my nose, the second attempt was a little better. The students, on the other hand, launched like champions all day.

Per launching our WW Falcon 2 195.

Olaf launching his new Airborne Fun 195, his first flight on own glider.

Stein Edgar giving Per a helping hand, or in this case legs, with carrying the glider back up the training hill.

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