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Pre-Worlds 2008 in Laragne

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Yes!!! I’m in for the Pre-Worlds in Laragne this summer.  I have paid and participation is confirmed.

I have flown in Laragne once before as Kenneth, Anders, Alf, and I spend the Easter vacation flying in here in 2002. Conditions then were not that good but I did get my first XC flight here.

My first XC fligh landing. I flew from Chabre to somewhere near Sisteron, not exactly a big leap but I was pleased.

Out the training hill and onto real flying

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Today we went to Sundvollen with the course to get some real flying. Per and Olaf became ready last weekend and Sindre already has 3 altitude flights. Instructors today were Terje Birdman, Erik V, and myself. The forecast looked good for the first altitude flight, but as we arrived at Sundvollen is was dense fog – probably as the only place in this part of Norway. This is not unusual, but equally frustration each time. We arrived at 1100 and had to wait until 1400 before the fog suddenly cleared, but we were troubled by tailwind all the day. After the fog lifted and between periods of tailwind we managed to send out Per and Olaf for their first altitude flights, not counting the 100 meter scooter towing flights, and Sindre on his 4th flight. All the students flew well and did exactly what they were supposed to. As the LZ is a frozen lake landing is not an issue, it is just not possible not to land somewhere on the ice.

Per landing, he chose a safe approach and I only got this distant shot of him in the air. (Click on the pictures for a larger version)

The eagle (Per) has landed.

Per seems to be pleased with the flight.

cimg2969.jpg cimg2970.jpg cimg2971.jpg
Olaf on this first hang glider approach.

Olaf was also pleased with his flight.

Sindre landing after his 4th flight with his fancy Skyline Race harness.

Training hill day 2 at Kjeller

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Today the winds had changed from SW to N-NE, meaning a shift of training hill from Åroll to Kjeller. Today it was fog, overcast, and cold, but nice launch wind. Per and I was alone today, except a visit and test flight by Terje Birdman who lives nearby. The training hill at Kjeller is about twice as high and long as Årvoll making it more demanding carrying the glider back up, so Per “only” had 5 flights today, but flies well and is ready for the big leap, meaning really big hills, the coming weekend.

Terje Birdman playing with the Falcon 2 in the wind.

Per launching.

Per launching once more. Here you also get a picture the size of this training hill.

Nice day in the training hill

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Since we started scooter towing our traning hill at Årvoll has not been used that much. But as foot launch is the most used start technique in Norway, we have included this in the scooter tow course. This means that we use one day in the traning hill. As the students can fly already it is just a matter of being sure that they can launch also by foot. We have had no problems converting the students to foot launch, they start perfect the first time and need only a few flights to get ready for altitude flights from our usual flight sites.

Today only Per of the students could come, and I was the only instructor until Stein Edgar came by to get a couple of flights in the training hill as he has not flown since July. In addition, Olaf came with the Airborne Fun 195 glider he bought a few weeks ago, to test fly it for the first time. Everything went smoothly, and Per got + 12 flights, Olaf 5 flights, and Stein Edgar 3 or something. I got 1 1/2 flight as I ended up providing today’s launch entertainment. I guess the message is focus and run even on a large Falcon 2 in 0 wind conditions. My first attempt ended up on my nose, the second attempt was a little better. The students, on the other hand, launched like champions all day.

Per launching our WW Falcon 2 195.

Olaf launching his new Airborne Fun 195, his first flight on own glider.

Stein Edgar giving Per a helping hand, or in this case legs, with carrying the glider back up the training hill.

Dolly Dimple’s commercial with hang glider

Friday, February 8th, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I was filmed while flying at Sundvollen. The filming was for a commercial for Norwegian pizza restaurant chain Dolly Dimple’s. Here is the result, it is me launching and flying but not my face you see:

Added Feb. 10th.
Here are a few pictures from the filming.

The Falcon 2 rigged for filming the actor “flying”.

Part of the film crew. They were very nice and relaxed and did the job without too much back and forth.

The main character in the commercial to the right.
The film crew on the frozen lake after filming the glider in the air. The first pictures are from the launch.

More wax-on – wax-of

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Yesterday it was more sailplane maintenance. I drove down to Torp Airport at Sandefjord about 100 km south of where I live. We finished the DG 300 and started working on the LS4a. Well, we is relative, I have no idea what is going on so I just do the wax-on – wax off activities. The others do the more advanced maintenance, but hopefully I will learn and contribute more later on.


Spesifications and info on the glider HERE.

FAI World Hang Gliding Championships 1999 – EuroSport Videos

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Someone has posted EuroSport’s coverage of the 1999 FAI World Hang Glider Championship at Youtube. There are three ca 9 minutes videos.

Bad weather and chaos on the roads

Friday, February 1st, 2008

I was going to a meeting in Fagernes about 170 km north of Oslo today, for a meeting at 1400. But this morning it was snowing heavily and it was total chaos on the roads, and the main road north was even closed a couple of hours just as I was trying to drive north. I made two attempts but finally gave up, cancelled the meeting, and returned home after spending some hours stuck in traffic. Lots of cars bumping into each other, and trucks got stuck as they waited too long putting on non-skid chains.


Queue in either directions today at Skui. Here I am heading home after the first attempt to drive to Fagernes. 

The forecast for the weekend is not very good and I doubt if it is possible to make something out of the hang glider course, or maybe we just have some theory on Sunday.