Starting up the hang glider course again

Today Steinar Sverd and I started the 2008 hang glider course season. Ole-Petter was busy this weekend so only Per turned up, in addition to Olav T. who finishes the course with our club. As we arrived it was no wind and conditions looked good, somewhat surprising as it was a lot of wind anywhere else. Still, we started at 1100 as the forecast promised less wind during the day so we were optimistic. But as we got read the wind had picked up and changed direction and made conditions difficult. We did manage to get 5 scooter tows but then it became too turbulent and we had to call it a day. I guess that the sun broke the ground inversion during the day and made way for the wind. Report from Sundvollen that it was soaring there did not make our mood better, but reading the online logbook this evening it seems like conditions there were as yesterday with only periods with soarable wind.

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