Sled ride at Sundvollen

Terje “Birdman” phoned me as he drove to Sundvollen, and I could not resist the temptation to fly so I joined him after he reported that the wind was picking up. The forecast predicted lots of wind today, but this morning it was no wind at all where I live. But encouraged by the reports of increasing wind I drove out to Sundvollen and set up. Everything looked perfect. The wind increased, one paraglider soared, the other paragliders got scared by the increasing wind and did not launch. Then Birdman launched as I finished rigging and was getting ready, but the paraglider pilots reported that he fell through and had to land after a sled ride. Then I tried and the same story, sled ride and 5 minutes in the air. Apparently, it died out totally just as I launched. The wind then picked up again and a paraglider got a short soaring flight before it became too strong. I drove  Birdman up again and he got a second flight, this time soaring. But it was turbulent and quite a lot of wind. As I drove home the wind was very strong, and this evening (as I write this) I can hear strong wind outside. Well, this is typical Sundvollen; you only get about 1 % good flights from here.

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