First flights of the year

Today I finally got airborne again, as usual this time of the year at Sundvollen. My last flight was as far back as October 7th. The forecast was moderately optimistic but the wind never got strong enough for soaring. Still, this was probably a good thing as it was 45-60 degrees crosswind every time the wind picked up a little. I got two flights, and launched in moderate strength crosswind from the NE (this is as V-NV launch) both times. Both flights were sled rides, but it was better than nothing, and I definitely was a little rusty. On the first flight I missed the landing spot big time, and on the second flight I had to land on my belly after a tight landing approach combined with problems tilting my Tenax harness up quickly enough. Neither the bad spot landing nor the belly landing were very critical as I landed on a frozen lake (impossible not to hit the lake) and the ice was as slippery as any world class hockey rink (see the picture below). Anyway, this is embarrassing when flying a Wills Wing Falcon 2, so I definitely need to get a few more flights soon to practice.


The reason why I was out flying on a Monday was that I was being filmed while flying. By whom and for what reason can not be revealed until later. I will come back to this and hopefully also with some footage.

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